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  • Sample Preparation

    One of the first and important steps for reliable analytics.

  • Pumping & Dosing

    A variety of pumping principles are available for pumps and dosing systems. Depending on the application and requirements, the suitable system should be chosen.

  • Sensors & Monitoring

    Tracking of critical parameters for safety and redundancy

  • Automation

    Interactive support of working steps, actions, processes for analytical, technical or scientific tasks and applications.

Our products for liquid handling

Pumping & Dosing / Liquid Station & Automation

Fields of application

Our liquid handling product portfolio focuses on the chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Furthermore, governmental institutions, research institutes, universities, hospitals and specialized service providers are our customers.

DURATEC Services

Repair / Maintenance / Check

Special solution for hardware and software

Our Partners

DURATEC is an authorized distributor for brand products of well-known manufacturers.

DURATEC Analysetechnik GmbH

DURATEC is a supplier and manufacturer of products and services for the fields of instrumental analysis, chemical analysis technology and technical, industrial or scientific processes or applications.

DURATEC Analysentechnik
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